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Last Wednesday, we wrapped up Season 2 here on our podcast. It was a fantastic six months with  incredible guests.

In Season 3, we have a few changes in mind. As you may recall, in March of last year, we started the podcast Do the Woo.

In September of last year, Do the Woo became the WP eCommerce Show. We discovered that although we did talk quite a bit about WooCommerce, our podcast also covered many other areas in the eCommerce space, including marketing, social, sales, taxes, and shipping, to name just a few. We felt there was much more useful in the WordPress space we could focus on.

It’s Really about Starting and Growing Your eCommerce Site

Since that name change, we have gone even deeper into the eCommerce space, pulling in experts from all fields, many who do not work with WordPress at all. They bring valuable expertise to our shows, which has broadened our audience and their expectations for our podcast.

So much of what we talk about will work for anyone who is running an eCommerce site, whether it’s an online store, online course or even a marketplace. It doesn’t matter what platform you are on.

Because it’s all about selling.

Season 3 and What It Will Bring

There aren’t any major changes, but you may notice three things.

Expanded Content

As we have seen over the last several months, out guests will bring even more of a big-picture perspective on eCommerce. We want to keep the topics diverse and fresh. We will also continue to bring on more shop owners to share their stories with us. No one better to learn from than those in the trenches.

Wednesday Only Show + Series

Last season, we brought you a show on both Mondays and Wednesdays. Our Monday podcast is a series focused around a specific topic. And Wednesdays are considered our normal, weekly show. Season 3 will be a bit different. Starting in November, our regular Wednesday show will no longer be sponsored (although that can and probably will change at some point) and our Monday series will be published as we find partners to bring you an in-depth series around a specific topic.

A Slight Name Change

Starting in Season 3, the podcast will be the BobWP eCommerce Show. A bit of branding going on here, and the WP is not so prominent, but still in the game. And, as you can see, a new logo.

BobWP eCommerce Show

Is It Still About Everything eCommerce and WordPress?

You may have noticed that the tagline has changed to better reflect the show. Does this mean no WordPress? Certainly not. We will still talk about the WordPress space, and dominant plugins like WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. Other topics may touch on it as well, although our laser focus is eCommerce and your efforts to sell online. So consider our show sprinkled with bits (sometimes light, sometimes heavier) of WordPress.

Not only are we continuing to blog about WordPress here, we have a ton of resources in our archives. And one of our other podcasts, the BobWP Monetizer focuses primarily on monetizing your WordPress blog or website.

So Here Comes Season 3

Last Wednesday was the finale of Season 2. On September 4th, Season 3 begins. We have a full month of shows coming your way twice a week in September. And of course, we are going to bring you some amazing guests and topics that you won’t want to miss all season long. For a teaser, our first episodes in our Season 3 launch week will bring you Mack Collier and Chris Brogan, with both sharing some great insights into eCommerce.

I hope you join us for Season 3. You will find all the subscribe options above on our player.


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