WordPress Security and Your Online Store with Dre Armeda
WP eCommerce Show

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This, Episode 34, is the second of four shows in a series on Online eCommerce Security. We talk with Dre Armeda, co-founder of Sucuri.net, who is the sponsor for this series. In the first episode, we looked at the big picture of the state of online security and the risks.

In this show, we dive deeper into the eCommerce and WordPress side of things. Although online security is an issue with all sites, when you start mixing in eCommerce and WordPress, it can inherently bring in some other challenges. Dre takes us through those and gives us a deeper understanding of how we can be more prepared for online risks when securing our online stores.

We chatted about:

  • The motivations behind taking down eCommerce sites
  • The importance of the PCI (Payment Card Industry) and a brief introduction to its background
  • What a person should be looking for when they are choosing the right  host for their eCommerce site
  • How the security plugins for WordPress play into this and what they are doing right and wrong
  • A CDN (Content Delivery Network): how it not only improves site speed but also plays a role in the security of your site
  • How the PCI focuses on cardholder data environments and not enough on eCommerce deployment and integration

Thanks to Our Podcast Sponsor: Sucuri.net