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I'm going to make this simple. If you want to reach an audience that is interested in products and services that fit in the eCommerce niche of WordPress, this show hits that market.

What is the WP eCommerce Show?

The podcast started in March of 2016 as the Do the Woo podcast. After a few episodes we decided to expand it to cover eCommerce in the WordPress space. Our show guests come from both from and outside of the WordPress community.

BobWP, host, has conversational interviews with experts across the eCommerce and WordPress space. Don't expect a standard format across all episodes. Bob finds the perfect sweet spot for each individual and topic.

Our sponsor rates are based on two factors.

  1. The focused audience of listeners we have that are interested in eCommerce and WordPress.
  2. What we bring to your product or service based on the brand BobWP and the trust and influence it has had for 13 years in the WordPress space.

The show is weekly and posts every Tuesday


  • We make every effort to avoid competing sponsors unlike other podcasts. For example, we will not run two hosting companies during the same time. This does not benefit your as a sponsor and simply makes it harder for the listener to decide.
  • If your eCommerce product is WooCommerce specific, you may want to consider checking out our Do the Woo Podcast.

Slots for 2020 Available

We have sponsorships for 4, 8 and 12 weeks. As you can see, we do not publicly share details and pricing. Submitting the form simply shows your interest and we understand the information we send you will be what determines your final decision.

In other words, once we send you a link to the details, we will not continue to try and sell you 🙂

We also want to make sure our sponsorships are the right fit for your product or service.

Past Sponsors