WooCommerce and WordPress with Matt Mullenweg and Todd Wilkens


In this podcast, we are talking about WordPress in the eCommerce space, including a look at what is happening with WooCommerce and how Jetpack plays into the equation.

Today I’m chatting with two special guests: Todd Wilkens, head of eCommerce at Automattic and Matt Mullenweg, founder of Automattic and WordPress. They both shared some great insights on issues related to WordPress and eCommerce. And yes, we also did take time to offer perspectives on the new WordPress editor.

We chatted about:

  • What we are seeing in the eCommerce and WordPress space with new integrations— and what this means for the future.
  • How the new WordPress editor Gutenberg plays a specific role in WordPress and eCommerce sites.
  • The reach of blocks with eCommerce plugins as add-ons to existing post types, or from top-to-bottom product page layouts.
  • What WooCommerce is working on and how blocks are playing a big role in the future with added features.
  • How Jetpack and its WooCommerce integrations will become a stand-alone option for users who want to monetize their blogs.
  • The perception of Jetpack (and the reality).

I also added my own experience with the WordPress editor and talked with Matt about how it had enabled me to improve my workflow.

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