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How to Send Unique Messages to Customers and Vendors with Easy Digital Downloads

There are times when you just need to send your customers or vendors a specific message— easily. This kind of continued communication is important in sustaining your relationships.

Whether you sell your downloads to customers directly or manage a group of vendors, being able to communicate directly with them is crucial to keeping your sales running smoothly. The EDD Message extension does exactly that.

Customer Messages with Easy Digital Downloads

Once you have installed the plugin, you can go into any customer’s account. There you will find a new tab called messages.

If you click on that, you can create the message. And there are several additional fields that can be toggled. You can also attach any files, as many as needed.

You can review the history of the messages you have sent your customers as well.

And if you want an overview of all messages sent, they are available in your Reports > Logs.

Vendor Messages

If you have your Easy Digital Downloads set up as a marketplace, you can send messages to your vendor in the exact same way.

And for vendors, on the front end, when they are viewing their own customers, a message button will appear so they can compose unique messages to any of their customers as well.

If you are looking to keep up with those important messages to either your customers or your vendors, check out the EDD Messages extension.