How To Sell Your Products and Services on Your Blog with BobWP
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In episode 41, I’m sharing a few tips for selling your products and services on your blog without being spammy and turning off your readers. I give you eight ideas to consider. Stay tuned because each of these will grow into its own show at some point. Like this abbreviated holiday week,  I’ll be a bit shorter too. So here they are:  a set of tips that you can act on in the coming new year.

I talk about:

  • Making your offers relevant to your readers
  • The importance of being authentic and trustworthy
  • Helping your readers find your offers easily
  • Where your offers might work best and how to create add-on products
  • Keeping an eye on those blog comments for future ideas on new products and services
  • Making your readers feel special
  • Using affiliates on your blog