Talking Security and WooCommerce with Neill Feather of SiteLock
WP eCommerce Show

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In episode 15, we are going through the tangled web of security with Neill Feather, President of SiteLock, a global leader in website security solutions. Although we touched on the importance of security with your online store, any website owner will benefit from this interview to get a better understanding of the security issues and needs around your website presence.

We chatted about:

  • What malware scans do and how often you should run one on your site
  • Web application firewalls and a breakdownof what they do for you and why they are important
  • How content delivery networks (CDNs), can help your site
  • Understanding what your hosting company is doing for your site’s security and how much they play a role in it
  • The security issues that play a more specific role in eCommerce sites

Thanks To Our Podcast Sponsor: SiteLock