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Three Tips on Increasing Your Online Store’s Sales with Email

Awhile back on our podcast, I had the opportunity to chat with someone who has been in the email marketing space for some time. We touched on many things, but I wanted to share with you what Becs Rivett-Kemm from had to say on the subject:

Custom Receipts

“The most important will always be your receipts, right? If you do nothing else at your store, you definitely need to be sending a receipt to confirm an order. If you customize it and brand it with your company details, and make it look nice, that’s even better. That’s where Conversio comes. It’s got a nice drag-and-drop editor to save you hassle. You can add all these bonus features to it, which adds a lot of value and gives it a purpose beyond being just a receipt. You might even be helping to sell your next products to your customer.”

Abandoned Cart Emails

“A second side to the email that I’d recommend is the abandoned basket emails. We live in a world where we’re easily distracted with multiple tabs in our browsers, we’re doing sort of five things at once, and we’re eager to look for a better price on something, or look for alternatives. That can also require some googling, resulting in never actually buying the product that we intended to buy in the first place because we end up down a rabbit hole.

If you send out an abandoned cart emails, it helps to round up a few of those customers who might have actually wanted to buy something from you. It requires very little effort because you just set the email up. It takes care of itself. There’s no manually having to check anything. It goes out. With Conversio you can send one or two of those emails. You can create a series and you can also think about having a discount in the basket to persuade them to come back and buy.”

The Right Timing

“Then finally, I guess, customers are really most engaged in the first 60 days after their purchase, so that’s a really great time to welcome them to your brands and get to know who they are, and who you are, and turn them into a repeat purchaser because that’s going to make them more loyal to you. The more time passes, the harder it’s going to become to get that person to be a repeat purchaser if they’re not already. For that reason, I’d strongly recommend creating a welcome series. Some ideas, if you want to do that, are having a thank-you discount with their first order, then you might want to send them a thank-you or an email showcasing more products they might like. As a small business, I think it’s nice to do a story about yourself and have a human side to your business. Perhaps leave a bit more about your company history, like why, when, and how you got started in it. It just makes you a bit more appealing to the people who are going to buy from you.”

There is more you can learn about email and your online shop. Listen to the podcast or read the entire transcript here: How to Effectively Use Email Marketing with Your WooCommerce Online Shop.

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