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Three Very Good Reasons to Use Amazon Pay with Your Online Store

Using Amazon Pay as a payment gateway for your online store isn’t new. In fact, it’s been around for quite a while. In fact I wrote a previous post about integration with WooCommerce on our other site. But in reality, it can help with any website and most eCommerce platforms or plugins.

The one thing I will be honest about, I haven’t seen it on a lot of sites. Of course, that doesn’t mean anything since most of the shopping I do online is on Amazon.

I remember when I first discovered it. My initial reaction was, “What?” Rest assured, that went away as soon as I began to explore it.

1. Amazon Pay is Easy to Use

Integrating Amazon pay into your online store is really quite easy. Of course,  you will need to set up an account at Amazon Pay first. And if you are using WooCommerce, there is a free extension to help you easily connect it. Shopify not only lets you integrate Amazon Pay but also has options to sell directly to Amazon from your Shopify store. In fact, there are several eCommerce platforms that have plugins and integration.

Amazon Pay intergrations

And if you aren’t using any of these platforms or shopping carts, you can still sign up and they will walk you through the process for your website.

Amazon Pay on your website

2. Amazon Pay is an Affordable Payment Gateway

Many people use PayPal and Stripe simply for the reason of ease and not having to set up a merchant account. Well, the same goes for Amazon Pay. No upfront setup costs or monthly fees. And their fees are comparable to other similar payment gateways. For example, on a $10 purchase:

Amazon pay fees

The other great feature is that they also cover your cross-border fees. If you sell across country borders, this is something you really need to know about. In fact, ignoring it would lead to losing customers and customer trust. If you don’t know what cross-border fees are, listen to our podcast with Amy from Avalara. But as I had mentioned, they will take care of it for you through Amazon Pay.

Amazon Pay cross border fee

3. Amazon Pay is Backed by Trust

This is one of the main reasons to use it—and something people don’t always think about. We all know that a large number of people buy stuff on Amazon. They know it. They trust it. Very few hesitate when clicking that buy button. So bringing that trust to your site is good in many ways:

  1. Customers are more than familiar with Amazon.
  2. They already have an account there and don’t need to open a new one or even add payment info.
  3. Paying through is easy and quick.
  4. It works great on mobile.

Think about it. They are constantly working to ease any pains of purchasing so you can sit back and let them do the hard work.

The Only Caveat I See

As you will notice, this is written for online stores, and, even more specifically, products. It’s a no-brainer when it comes to selling products. But for services, I’m not quite as convinced. In fact, I wonder if anyone does use it in that way. What I’m thinking here is how would a customer or client feel if they start to purchase about a service and they are led to Amazon, or even are offered it as a choice? Would they think, Weird, I’ve never purchased a service on Amazon. That just doesn’t make any sense.

Now you may be able to get away with it on some B2C services, such as plumbing, computer repair, or something else. But with B2B? I can’t imagine any of my past clients using this option to pay for WordPress training or consulting. At lease those are my initial thoughts.

But as I say, never say never. The world of online payment and shopping is an ever-changing landscape. And who knows, maybe the consumer, whether it is B2B or B2C, will surprise us.

The Bottom Line: Always Give Your Customers a Choice

In the end, I am not suggesting that Amazon Pay is the only option you’ll want to  give your customers. Make sure they have enough choices ( but not too many). Some people will love Amazon Pay. Others will prefer PayPal or Stripe. And the list goes on. In a post I wrote sometime ago I talked about my experiment with dropping PayPal from my site and using only Stripe. It was a good lesson learned.

So you may want to rethink your strategy and give Amazon Pay a whirl.

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