Themes, Extensions, Hosting, and Yes, Pop-Ups on WooCommerce Sites with BobWP
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In episode 14, I’m talking about 5 things I have learned while building sites with WooCommerce and consulting for clients. I share my thoughts on those pop-ups on eCommerce sites, choosing your theme, and making the decision to use WooCommerce, as well as a bit on hosting and expecting the unexpected. In other words, 5 random thoughts that don’t really relate to each other directly, but definitely impact success or failure in the world of Woo.

I chat about:

  • Why you need to be careful with popups, including a recent experience I had
  • How choosing the right theme can make or break your online store
  • Making the decision about whether WooCommerce is right for you
  • Preparing yourself for the unexpected
  • Why hosting is an important as finding the right space for a physical store