Effective Target Messaging on Your WordPress eCommerce Site with Daniel Iser
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In episode 148, I chat with with Daniel Iser, a WordPress plugin developer and creator of Ahoy! and Popup Maker, to name just a few.

I am focusing on the messaging plugins and the the value they bring to online stores. Specifically, conditional messages that give you much more control over what your customers see, where and when.

As we chat about his plugins, we are looking at the the power behind this functionality. Daniel gives us some great insights into what it takes to build and grow a plugin that can become such an integral part of a WordPress online store.

A Glimpse into the Conversation with Daniel:

Are the small popups gaining traction due to the fact that they are less intrusive or are there other reasons?

… I’m not sure this is the new normal as much as just a trend. Popup Maker hasn’t slowed down in its growth over the last year or two, which I think means full screen overlays are still very much in demand and they’re very effective …

… if you needed inline conversions along with what the users are already interacting and doing with your page, you want something with a smaller footprint …

How do strategies differ when you are selling physical products, eg. via WooCommerce vs. downloadable, eg. via Easy Digital Downloads?

.. both are obviously impacted by cart abandonment and instant upsells. But a typical WooCommerce site can quickly target users with less than $50 in the cart and offer free shipping …

… with your average EDD site, you might set up messages to show a notice if someone has a license and it’s expired or about to expire …

Avatars of people work very well in popup messages. Would there be a time that a logo would work better?

…yes, if you’re in a WooCommerce or EDD marketplace type store and you want to show the logo of the company that the product was created by …

How effective is it when you add a product image in the message?

… for things like cart abandonment, I wouldn’t recommend it unless you had something that was just really gonna catch their attention …

… we find inserting images into the content is very effective for single-product upsells and cross sells …

Where to Find Daniel


Ahoy on Twitter @useahoy

Daniel on Twitter @daniel_iser


Github repo for the conditional logic library

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