A Chat with WooSesh Founders Patrick Rauland and Brian Richards
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A WooCommerce store builder can range from a single person creating their first online shop to  developers building out sites for their clients. It’s a broad area, but there is a lot of cross-over with all WooCommerce store builders when it comes learning and understanding each aspect of moving into this space.

In this podcast, I am chatting with Patrick Rauland and Brian Richards, both veterans in the WooCommerce space and passionate teachers. With their latest endeavor, WooSesh, a free, virtual WooCommerce conference, I wanted to pick their brains a bit around the goals of bringing inspiration, focus and impact to the WooCommerce store builder.

I started out by asking each of them what they consider to be the number one challenge in the learning process for store builders when it comes to WooCommerce. I followed up with by asking them what store owners typically overlook when it comes to the technical part of WooCommerce.

Of course, we couldn’t talk eCommerce without touching on the other aspects of running a WooCommerce site. They both shared what store builders are not taking the time to learn, even though it would make their lives much easier. From there, we segued into insights on the ratio of store owners who build their site themselves vs. having someone else develop it for them. And I wanted to know, from their years of experience with WooCommerce, what is number one piece of advice they have for the DIY’er.

Lastly, we talked a little bit about WooSesh, the new virtual conference,  Both Patrick and Brian shared how it came about and what attendees can expect.

To give you some idea, it includes two days of sessions from some of the top-notch people in the WooCommerce space. The first day is for anyone who builds with WooCommerce, from those who may simply add plugins to a site to the most advanced builder. Day two gets a little geekier and is chock full of sessions for the developer.

The most exciting news is that, due to a generous sponsorship from WooCommerce, it is free. Instead of paying what would have been $200 a head, you can sign up free at WooSesh.com. You will want to reserve your spot as there are going to be attendees you can chat with and learn from and at this 100% virtual conference.

You can learn more about Brian Richards over on his well-known training site, WPSessions or follow him on Twitter @rzen.

Patrick can be found on his blog speakingbytes.com and interestingly, he is building his very first product and is sharing all the blood, sweat and tears related to that. You can also find him on Twitter @BFTrick.

So sign up for WooSesh which takes place October 18-19, 2018. You can also keep up to date by following them on Twitter.