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If You Use a Page Builder for Your WordPress eCommerce Site, Consider Split Testing

I remember years ago, before page builders even became popular, we used a theme that was a site builder and created one of our first membership sites. It was a lot of work, but given the ability to create custom page layouts for our students was priceless. Especially for someone with design experience and zero coding abilities.

These days we have dozens of page and site builders on the market in the WordPress space. Some may argue that it’s not the best route to go for your online store, while others will disagree.

If you truly understand the flow of your site, how customers purchase your products and yes, have a sense of design when it comes to online stores, well, I say if a page builder suits your needs, go for it.

Of course, one of the advantages that you might consider is exactly the reason I used one so many years ago. It was the ability to create a custom site without knowing code. Bottom line. And although many page builders will boast of the ease of drag-and-drop, it certainly doesn’t mean it will be an easy job. There is work involved with any site and conquering the learning curve of any page builder will take time and patience.

The Big Benefit of Page Builders and eCommerce Stores

Now whether you are currently using a page builder for your online store, or just at the stage of considering it, there may be something you have overlooked.

Page builders give you the chance for some great A/B  or split testing.

I’m sure you know what A/B testing is. Email marketers use it a lot. Send out two emails on the same promotion, written and designed differently, and see which one works best.

But consider this for your online store and the power of a page builder. You can now create pages to test against each other. For example, your product page. Using the same product, try a different layout. Use different copy to sell. Or it may be as subtle as some changes in sub-headings or the color of your buy button. If you research this more, you probably are going to find amazing A/B testing with online stores and how even simple changes can increase conversions. There is a science to it for sure.

The same could be done for any kind of eCommerce site whether you are selling products or services.

One thing to note. As far as I know there is nothing built-in to run tests, but you could create to landing pages and send out emails to customers to split-test the results. And I’m sure there are other creative ways to tackle this concept.

Now I’m not saying just go willy nilly and try a bunch of different selling or landing pages. You will need to seriously understand what you are doing and there does need to be a method behind each test you try.

Whatever direction you go, you may be amazed at what a difference can make.