SEO Tips for the Manufacturing Industry with John Locke
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The market is saturated with SEO experts. Have you ever wondered how they focused down on one specific specialty, how they found their sweet spot? Listen in as John Locke shares how and why he chose to offer his expertise to manufacturers and what he has learned about this niche.

In this podcast I am chatting with John Locke, from Lockedown Design. He has grown a specialization in SEO and in this show he tells us why he chose to make manufacturers his niche.

It was a fascinating conversation: the strategy behind SEO and how different industries have unique approaches to search engine optimization, while applying the basics of good SEO.

And although it’s pretty obvious that SEO for manufacturers are primarily B2B (business-to-business), I asked John if there are instances where they must deal with B2C (business-to-consumer) as well.

John shared how organic search impacts this industry and whether he sees that as the primary way manufacturers are found.

Then we touched on something outside of search: how useful social integration is for manufacturers. I’m giving something away here, but I wasn’t surprised to hear that LinkedIn is up there as far as an optimal platform.

John shared an interesting fact, that videos of stuff being made are some of the most popular videos out there. I know that, personally, I find myself watching those more and more on LinkedIn specifically, but never gave it a lot of thought. Even though I don’t build any kind of physical product myself, the process is fascinating.

Video gives manufacturers a great opportunity to add this new part to their website via their blog.

John suggested some Twitter accounts to follow if you want to see manufacturers who are doing it right: @MachinePix, @cdmcmachine and @ToyotaEquipment.

He also recommends Vapor Honing Technologies for video over on YouTube.

Since John has considerable experience in web design, I couldn’t let him get away without telling us about some of the design and developments aspects of a site that is specifically helpful for manufacturing sites. He also shared how much these sites are typically accessed via mobile.

There are several other tips and insights interjected throughout our conversation, so make sure and tune in.

Lastly, you can learn more about John on his website, check him out over on his YouTube channel, or find him on Twitter.

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