The Art of Scheduling Social for Your Online Store with Amber Turrill
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Today, we are continuing our dive into social and talking about scheduling social for your online store. Although these tools and strategies will certainly are help you by saving you time (and possibly money), there is more to an effective strategy than mass numbers of shares and simply repurposing your content.

To help us with this, I have invited Amber Turrill, a marketing consultant who helps online stores with their social strategy. She brings us some thoughts of what it means to ensure your social scheduling is working for you, not against you. So let’s move into today’s podcast and our chat with Amber.

We chatted about:

  • What we mean by scheduling your social
  • How scheduling your social may differ when doing it for your online store vs. a non-eCommerce site or blog
  • Some unique strategies specifically for online stores
  • How to take care when using these tools to avoid redundancy and losing personalization
  • Whether you should take advantage of all social platforms when using scheduling tools
  • Some of Amber’s favorite scheduling tools

Where can we find Amber on the web?

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