The Power of Customer Texting with Ian Li from Zipwhip
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There are so many ways you communicate with your customers. We still use email for our sites and online stores, chat has evolved over the years, and lurking behind the next corner is AI.

And then there is texting.

In today’s show I had the chance to chat with Ian Li from Zipwhip. Our topic?  Texting. And what fascinated me is that this is a medium we are already comfortable with. We use it day in and day out on mobile. In fact, it’s a form of communication we use a lot. For many people, it’s the easiest way to communicate with others. And studies find that in a lot of cases, it’s the least obtrusive. And it’s faster for both the consumer and the business.

Listen in as we talk about this medium and how it may be the piece missing in your online sales strategy.

We started with Ian sharing what their research has shown regarding texting and the other ways of connecting with customers. I also wanted to learn if there are certain areas where texting has worked best, such as marketing, customer service, sales, etc. or if this is more dependent on a company’s needs.

One of the features of Zipwhip is its ability to bring texting to landlines, making it possible for employees and/or entire teams to interact via texting without picking up their mobile phone. We talked more about how many companies still depend on their landlines vs. consumers who are choosing mobile.

And although most mobile vendors now offer unlimited text, is the cost of texting a deterrent for some?

Lastly, we looked at what Zipwhip calls the click-to-text feature that they offer for websites. I found this piece particularly powerful. Ian shared some examples of how it works to help with specific communication for questions or inquiries on specific pages and products of your website.

Overall, the chat brought to the forefront some interesting ideas behind texting and some fascinating stats that you will want to hear.

If you are interested in learning more about Zipwhip for your business, reach out to them If you let them know you heard it on our podcast, you will get a special introductory deal.

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