I'm going to make this simple. If you want to reach an audience that is interested in products and services that fit in the eCommerce niche of WordPress, this show hits that market.

What is the WP eCommerce Show?

The podcast started in March of 2016 as the Do the Woo podcast. After a few episodes we decided to expand it to cover eCommerce in the WordPress space. Our show guests come from both from and outside of the WordPress community.

As we start a new chapter, with guest interviews returning, coming back, having moved it to a site of its own, we are offering a unique sponsorship opportunity.

The show is weekly and posts live every Tuesday (with the exception of a very few holidays).

What Do You Get as a Sponsor?

  • a pre-roll
  • a mid-roll
  • a post-mention
  • Recording of ad roll by BobWP (the same ad roll is used for the duration of your sponsorship)
  • Logo placement above the content/below the player on each post
  • Link at end of post
  • Logo in sidebar at the top throughout the site (even on the blog pages) through the duration of your sponsorship
  • Several shares of the show on social the day of and the following week (total online reach 19k+)
  • Additional promo ideas in the works
  • Paragraph highlighting you in the post at the end of the show notes.

Cost for Sponsorships

Currently we have a 4-episode for Nov. 19 - Dec. 10, 2019 - $900

We will be post new slots and prices for 2020 in November. If you are interested in being contacted when those are available, use the form below.

This podcast, historically has had as many as 10K downloads a month, with a large variance, depending on our format and breaks. We are focused on bringing those numbers back up as we relaunch the original format.

Request Your Sponsorship

Fill out this form to see if you are a good fit. And if you are, we will send you the available dates that fit your request. If you have other questions, feel free to contact us here.