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Today is a big day for us. We are now expanding our show to cover everything WordPress and eCommerce. In today’s podcast listen why we have decided to make this change and how moving it here to BobWP also played a huge role in the re-focus and rebranding of our 7-month old podcast.


Hey everyone, Bob Dunn here known as BobWP around the web and welcome to episode 28 of our podcast. You probably noticed a couple of things. First, we have been on a bit of a break. Second, this podcast episode was missing our typical intro. In both cases, that’s because today is a big day of change. Do the Woo podcast has officially become The WP eCommerce Show. Yep, you heard that right.

And you may be asking me from wherever you are listening, Hey Bob, does that mean you don’t like WooCommerce anymore? My answer is simple. Of course not.

Now before I get into that, a little over a week ago you may have noticed that we moved our podcast from its own site to BobWP. And that move was done for several reasons. When we first started this podcast, I spent at least a couple of months, and deciding on the focus of the podcast, comparing the pros and cons to having it on a separate site. I considered the users, the SEO and our sponsors. But as time flew by, we began to understand that it would be better suited here on BobWP for three specific reasons.

  1. We already have a lot of Woo stuff here on our blog. Dozens of posts and tutorials about Woo extensions, plugins and even some themes. Also we knew that the listeners to this podcast could benefit from these posts. And having them all in one place would be just that much better.
  2. Our Woo Stuff is pretty darn popular here. Those same posts get a lot of traffic which can only benefit the podcast. We figured the audience is here, so lets’ give them even more resources.
  3. In addition we understood the challenges of a podcast on two sites. If you are a regular reader here you know that we also posts our podcast here as well as the Do the Woo site, but it takes a lot of work to avoid duplicate content. And even with all that work, there’s that fine line that the powers behind Google might zap you somewhere into low ranking eternity. In addition, we are now adding full transcripts to our podcasts. That’s important in making it accessible. And the fact we could only have those on one site made it not so user-friendly.

Which brings us back to what is happening today. As you can imagine, a lot of the reasons we are expanding our podcast to cover everything WordPress and eCommerce is also reflected in the same reasons we shared with you for moving out site.

Over the last couple of years we have written more and more about eCommerce directly or indirectly. Posts geared towards selling and content, monetization, plugins and themes that would help you with your online store and of course, WooCommerce. But lately we have been mixing it up talking a bit more about other WordPress eCommerce solutions.

And now our plan is not only give you a wider perspective on eCommerce and WordPress on our new show, but on the blog as well.

What we discovered with our podcast on WooCommerce is two-fold. One is that each interview, whether is was a shop owner, social or marketing expert, developer or designer, even though we talked about Woo, there was so much else shared. Great tips and insights that any shop owner, or in fact, anyone that sells anything on their site could benefit from. Even for those who build and maintain eCommerce Sites.

But at the same time maybe some people were reluctant to listen because they either had were not using WooCommerce nor had any plans to do so. As a result, they missed out on excellent advice from experts and online store owners alike.

And that is not the WordPress way.

Our community, and I’m not just talking about the hard-cores, thrives on the fact that there are so many options out there to help you with your WordPress site. And the same goes for your WordPress online store. Sometimes you may think there is too many choices, but never the less, they are good and the ability for you to make your decision of what you do based on your needs, is invaluable.

Also, I know a lot of people who are involved in other WordPress eCommerce solutions beyond Woo. They have amazing products that are not only successful in the market, but fill a lot of needs for a lot of WordPress site owners. You see, our site is a resource for you. And our job is to bring these options to the forefront and help you understand what they will do for you.

Expanding that knowledge base through both our podcast and our blog is a no-brainer. Right?

Well, there you go and I sure hope not only will our existing listeners be as excited as we are with this new focus, but anyone else who has an interest in eCommerce and WordPress.

We will continue to talk with shop owners and hear their challenges and well as their success stories. Designers and developers will join us and keep it on the user level as they share insights on creating that perfect eCommerce site. And of course we will continue to, and bring in even more experts that will help you with social, marketing, taxes, hosting, security, shipping and everything between that can help you make your WordPress eCommerce site a success.

Before I go I just want to share one more exciting piece of news around our podcast. Our regular shows will continue to air each Wednesday, but we are now staring a new second show called The WP eCommerce Show Series which will be on Mondays. Sometimes we are talking about a specific subject and it could really use more than one show.

So as a result, we are now bringing in sponsors to create these highly informational series that will not only share the expertise that the sponsor has but give you in-depth knowledge to an important aspect of your online store. And we are excited to have our first series starting soon . Trust me, it’s going to be amazing with our first sponsor that I will be sharing with you over the next few days.

So with that said, I hope you join us for the wild ride that we are taking and tune into our show. You can subscribe in the sidebar to keep updated and we are working to get our iTunes and other subscriptions in place, so hang in there with us on that.

Also, if you do provide a WordPress e-Commerce related product or service, we would love to have your partner up with us as a sponsor. And do check out our new series options. This is a perfect way to share all your expertise over a span of four episodes to our listeners.

So until next week, enjoy yourself, get set for some incredible knowledge bombs coming your way via our blog and podcast, as you have come to expect in the past, and join us on the all new WP eCommerce Show.