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Be a Guest on the Podcast

Would you like to be a guest on the WP eCommerce Show?

Here is what we look for in guest submissions:

  • All subjects must related to eCommerce running on a WordPress site.
  • Creativity in the approach you take on educating our listeners with your topic.
  • Tips, tools and methods to help online store owners grow their store and sales.

What we don’t want:

  • Sales pitches or hyped-up promises.
  • Misleading topics.
  • Submissions from podcast booker or agents pitching us on podcast circuit guests.

Understand that we do not accept a lot of submissions as we often seek our own guests. But we are open to your ideas.

We cannot reply to every request. If you don’t hear from us within a week, just know that we felt you weren’t the right fit for our audience.