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What You Need to Know When Starting Your WordPress Online Store


In the third of our podcast series, we’ve been bringing  you some great insights and tips for starting your online store on WordPress. In the first show, we talked about plugin options, and followed that up with three shows that went beyond just building your site.

So if you are diving into that first online store, whether you are new to the space of retail, or moving your brick and mortar to online, this four-part series will help you get started.

Bring Your Online Store to Life

Here are the four shows in the series. You can go to each post and listen to that specific show, or below we have created a single recording of all four shows for your convenience if you want to download i all at once. You will find a downloadable pdf that includes all four transcripts (single show transcripts also appear on the show posts below.)

Thanks to our sponsor, Bluehost,  for making this series possible.

Show #1: How to Choose Your  WordPress eCommerce Plugin (guest Mike Hansen, WordPress Guy at Bluehost)

In the first episode, Mike talks about choosing the right plugin for your online store.

We talked about: 

  • The differences between using a plugin on your site vs. connecting with a plugin to an eCommerce platform
  • How to prepare for the expense of premium extensions, add-ons and plugins
  • Planning ahead for growth into other aspects of eCommerce, such as memberships, subscriptions and affiliates
  • The pros and cons of using a page builder for your online store
  • The importance of planning for and paying attention to your analytics

Listen to this show.

Show #2: Get on the Right Path to Starting Your Online Store (guest Patrick Rauland, eCommerce Consultant & Educator)

In the second show, Patrick takes up beyond building your store and walks you through key points you should consider in the early stages of planning your WordPress eCommerce site.

We talked about:

  • The essentials to get in place before you start your online store
  • What mistakes store owners often make in the beginning
  • The importance of planning how you are going to market your new endeavor
  • The questions you should ask yourself about whether to start a blog on your site
  • Resources Patrick recommends to help you get started

Listen to the show.

Show #3: From Brick and Mortar to Online: Making the Transition  (guest Jonathan Martin, President & Founder of Cool Blue Web)

In the third show of the series, Jonathan brings his broad knowledge and experience working with several clients who either added an online presence to their physical store, or replaced their brick-and-mortar shop entirely.

We talked about:

  • Whether physical shop owners are aware of what the transition to online takes
  • The top two things that a shop owner should think about before making the transition
  • How many products you should start with when launching your site
  • The benefits of having both and how you can use your brick and mortar store to market your online shop
  • Jonathan’s experience working with a client who shut down their physical presence after going online
  • One of Jonathan’s most challenging projects when taking a client through this transition

Listen to the show.

Show #4: Tips On How to Get the Best Product Shots for Your Online Store (guest, Mark Benzakein, Photographer)

In the last show, we bring on Mark to talk about his years of experience in both photography and WordPress. Whether you are looking for a photographer or prefer to do-it-yourself, he has some great tips to help you get started.

We talked about:

  • What Marc finds as the biggest mistake retailers make with their product shots
  • The top 2 or 3 tips for the do-it-yourselfer photographer
  • What to look for when hiring a photographer to do your product shots
  • Creating your own images or using vendor-supplied photos
  • How to make sure your images are optimized for both the web and your online store
  • Marc’s thoughts on the benefits you have with today’s technology and the workflow when working with digital images

Listen to the show.

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