Last weekend I got my first  taste of the well-organized, learning-packed experience that is WordCamp Miami. Being in the opposite corner of the US, I hadn’t made that trip yet. But thanks to our gracious sponsor Bluehost, not only did they send me to WordCamp Miami, but also made it possible for me to record a live podcast there.

Close to the end of day two, I was joined by Devin Sears from Bluehost, who was my podcast co-host. We then wrangled up a couple of the speakers whose sessions were focused on eCommerce and put a few hard questions to them.

We had the pleasure of talking to Christie Chirinos and Patrick Rauland.

Christie is a Partner in—and Business Manager at— Caldera Labs, a WordPress plugin company. Caldera is the company led by Josh Pollock, who is behind Caldera Forms, a leading drag-and-drop form builder for WordPress, and who also offers a handful of other free and premium plugins. She has been selling online since 2007 and has worked with  eCommerce sites, monetized blogs, technology strategy for nonprofit organizations, and now, digital downloads.

Patrick is a web enthusiast who loves sharing all sorts of content online. He writes tutorials on eCommerce, tutorials how to paint toy soldiers (yes, for real), and has taught a number of online courses at He has even written a book. He’s was the Product Manager for WooCommerce but now spends him time teaching and consulting about eCommerce.

Today’s chat is perfect for the person who is considering—or has started— selling online and wants to wrap their brain around how to best prepare themselves for the adventure. You’ll find some great tips, insights and even a few good laughs. So listen in.

Live from WordCamp Miami. It’s the WP eCommerce Show!
WP eCommerce Show

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We chatted about:

  • The basics to get started with your online store
  • What kind of maintenance you should prepare yourself for
  • How to earn the trust of your customers
  • Whether you should use an eCommerce platform or a plugin on your WordPress site
  • A lot of great eCommerce tips on all aspects of selling online

Thanks to Our Podcast Sponsor: Bluehost

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