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Learn How to Start and Market Your Online Course From the Pros

If you getting ready to dive into the world of online courses, this series is for you. We aren’t talking about what plugin to use or the technical step-by-step. Instead we are focusing on the areas that people struggle with the most. Making that first step, starting the planning of your online course and marketing it. There is a lot to think about before you get started and as one of our guests said, the real work starts when you launch your course.

Bring Your Online Course to Life

Here are the four shows in the series. All of these are part of our podcast the BobWP eCommerce Show. So you will be taken to our site on

Show #1: Online Courses: The Past, the Present and the Future (guest Brian Clark, founder of Copyblogger)

In the first episode, Brian talks gives us his own experience and shares the big picture of online course.

We talked about: 

  • How Copyblogger has evolved and its beginning in the online course space
  • When online courses started gaining momentum and the key to their growth
  • Brian’s top tips for someone considering starting their first online course
  • What Brian thinks when it comes to running your courses on your own site vs. an educational platform, eg.
  • Why you may not see some topics covered in online courses
  • The lack of online courses on specific topics and should you pay attention to those
  • What Brian sees in the future of online courses

Listen to this show.

Show #2: Tips for Starting Your First Online Course (guest Carrie Dils, Instructor & Podcaster)

In the second show, Carrie takes us deeper into starting your first online course.

We talked about:

  • How much teaching experience you need to get started
  • The answer to the question “Will anyone really want to take my course?”
  • Some of the first steps you should take when thinking about starting your online course
  • How much time will you spend editing your course?
  • What should you charge for your course?
  • A few additional challenges that a course creator might expect
  • Why Carrie chose to start her online courses on
  • What would Carrie teach if she could create her dream course?

Listen to the show.

Show #3: How Courses Can Help You Grow Your Online Store (Chris Badgett, founder of LifterLMS)

In the third show of the series, we have Chris share his experiences and insights when adding online courses to your eCommerce site.

We talked about:

  • How shop owners can make sure they have the resources to start their online courses
  • If you should put your courses in your online store or on a separate site
  • The challenges store owners face when starting online courses and how to overcome them
  • An example of an existing site that has been incredibly successful with online courses
  • How a store owner my be surprised that there is an audience for their online course,  no matter the product or service

Listen to the show.

Show #4: How to Successfully Market Your Online Course (guest, Troy Dean, Founder at WP Elevation)

In the last show, we wrap it up with one of the biggest challenges startup online courses have.

We talked about:

  • At what point in the process of planning your course, creating the content and building the site should you start to seriously think about the marketing side? (Troy’s answer may surprise you.)
  • How to find that sweet spot of when to start marketing and what you should consider when pre-announcing your launch
  • Troy’s two biggest tips on where you should be promoting your online course
  • How the marketing process ties into not only the launch of your course but also its growth
  • How important it is to know why you are starting this online course
  • Never underestimating the power of community and how that is a key to your course’s success

Listen to the show.

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