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Why You Need an Easy Way to Manage Your Affiliate Links on Your WordPress Site

Today, it’s all about how critical it is to have something in place to help you manage, update and maintain your affiliate links as an affiliate marketer.

On our blog, I have done past posts about managing your affiliate links. For affiliate marketers, this is so critical. While my posts have touched on the importance, I have mostly  talked about the tools. There are a few out there and I recommend Thirsty Affiliates Pro myself.

When I’m talking about managing our affiliate links, this could be either or both: text links and banners. It really doesn’t matter.  What is more important is the number of links you have on your site. But even then, somehow managing those links, from 10 to hundreds of them, will help you stay away from future headaches.

As you can guess, with more than a thousand posts here on our site, we have a lot of affiliate text links scattered in posts. In fact, when I update older posts, if appropriate, I will add some new links there as well.

So What Do I Mean By Managing Your Affiliate Links?

You ma be thinking, okay, so I drop in affiliate links. They are scattered around my blog. I  don’t have any real intentions of removing them. So what the heck?

Two Examples of When You Need Affiliate Link Management

I have one WordPress vendor in particular with several affiliates to several different products of theirs. Those are scattered and duplicated, likely, in dozens of posts. Well, at one point they changed their domain (URL) and as a result, all my affiliate links became broken. Of course they had redirects in place for awhile, so it wasn’t an immediate concern.

But lucky for me, I was already using the Thirsty Affiliates plugin so all I had to do was go into each affiliate and change the URL. Sure, that was a little time consuming, but not nearly what I would have faced if I needed to track down each single post that had the link in it. It would have been nearly impossible to make sure each link got changed.

The other instance may be that you need to actually go into a post and remove an affiliate link and any context around it. But likely, depending on your strategy, you may not know all the posts that include that link. With Thirsty Affiliates you can scan all posts and get a list of all posts where the link is embedded. This is a huge time-saver, and unless you somehow keep track of all those posts that include specific affiliate links, likely you can not do this easily.

Other Benefits of a Affiliate Link Manager

Of course, there are other benefits as well to using something like Thirsty Affiliates. The first is the nofollow link. This is something you typically want to set for all your affiliate links. And with a plugin like this, you can do it globally so each link you create is assigned the nofollow.

Secondly, it’s just easier. Once you have created the affiliate links, it’s easy to add it, either text link or banner, to any post via the post editor window.

So in the end, yes, if you plan on having any amount of affiliate links on your blog or site, best be prepared now than sorry later on. If you are just starting, you are ahead of the game. If you already have tons scattered on your blog, well, this will be one heck of a job to get it all in place. And although I wish I had an easy solution for that situation, all I can say is best of luck.

You can learn more about Thirsty Affiliate Pro on our post.