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How to Manage Amazon Affiliate Links on Your WordPress Site

Depending on your audience and what you write about, you may use Amazon affiliate links on your WordPress site or blog. If you have a lot of them, it will make life easier if you are able to manage them directly on your WordPress site and insert them at your convenience. This is one of the cool features of Thirsty Affiliates Pro.

How to Manage Amazon Affiliates on Your WordPress Site with Thirsty Affiliates Pro

First off, you need to grab some info from your Amazon affiliate account (I’m assuming you are already part of that). There is specific information you must get and Thirsty Affiliates’s documentation will help you with that.

Under your Associate tags,  you’ll need to add one for each country that is supported and that you want to sell to.

amazon import settings

If I were to select the Import Affiliate Links From Amazon prior to setting up that first page, it would show me the info I need:

import affiate links amazon

If all is set up correctly, I get the search option to import. If I did not have the right info in, it would have told me specifically if I still needed the Amazon Access Key ID, Amazon Secret Key or Amazon Associate Tags.

import affiliate links for amazon working

Importing the Product

Now it’s a matter of searching and finding the products you want to add. Let’s say I want to add the affiliate link for the Rode Podcaster Microphone. If I put it in the search, here are my results:

enter product search

And here are my results from the search. This is a partial view of all results for three pages. You will see, besides the import link, you can also view the price, item stock and sales rank.

results from search

There are two options for importing:

options for importing

1-Click Import Link

This is a quick import that uses the settings I showed you above in the very first screenshot.

Import Link

Or, if I click the Import Link, I get the options to do the settings for that particular link.

import link

In both cases, the imports are complete and are now listed in my affiliate links.

link listing in affiliates

If I want to insert the affiliate link in a post, I can do this as I would any affiliate link. Just click on my link icon in the toolbar and search for Rode Podcaster.

insert into post using tool

And I can add the link text, shortcode or image to the post.

add amazon affiliate link to post

And an example of all three on the post in the front end of the site:

affiliate links finalized on post

You can get creative with any of these link formats and use them as needed on your site.

If you are using Amazon affiliate links on your site, this will be a huge time saver in managing those links, particularly if you have used the same one on several posts and ever need to update it.

One of the great features of this plugin is that you can go to any affiliate link and it will let you know all the posts where you have included it. This is one of the things I love about this plugin.

You can learn more about Thirsty Affiliate Pro plugin here

Oh, and if you happen to be interested in this Rode mic, here you go 🙂 :

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