Fundraising Best Practices with Devin and Matt from GiveWP
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I can safely say that when it comes to nonprofits, or any group that looking to do online fundraisers, if your site is powered by WordPress, adding GiveWP to handle that part of it is a no-brainer. I have used their plugin several times over the past few years and recently for my BobWP Backer.

The team at GiveWP offer a top-notch product with excellent support and are passionate about making life easier for nonprofits.  I jumped at the chance to have two of the founders on the podcast to talk about best practices in fundraising. The practical tips they shared will help anyone who wants to collect donations online.

We started the conversation with Matt Cromwell and Devin Walker haring the top two to three pieces you should have in place before starting a campaign. From there, we moved into a discussion of how to make the decision between monthly giving, yearly giving and or one-time giving.

We looked at some do’s and don’ts when it comes to social media. They do an excellent job themselves, and certainly practice what they preach.

One other aspect we chatted about was the crucial follow-up phase. Once you have found that donor, and they trust you enough to hand over their money, you want to make sure to cultivate them for the long term.

We ended the conversation with some tips to help you maximize your next fundraising campaign.

You can learn more about the GiveWP plugin on our here on our blog.

Where You Can Find Devin and Matt

GiveWP on Twitter @GiveWP

Devin on Twitter @innerwebs

Matt on Twitter @learnwithmattc

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