eCommerce Predictions for 2018 with Patrick Rauland and Scott Bolinger
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In this episode of the podcast I’m doing things a bit differently. I asked both Patrick and Scott if they would put together a video for our podcast and share some of their insights into what they see happening this year in the eCommerce space. So, in a nutshell, it’s sans BobWP.

Patrick and Scott look at what is changing, what is staying the same and how store owners can use this information. The conversation bounced around in many directions, including how mobile is growing, Amazon’s attempts at conquering the world, and a few thoughts on what roles voice search and home assistants play in the eCommerce space.

There were a number of things that will stay the same, change slightly or move in an entirely different direction. And, of course, there are always things that will likely catch us by surprise.

Scott and Patrick round off their predictions with some solid tips on marketing and generating more traffic to your store.

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