Dine with Shayda: Monetizing Your Foodie Blog
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Food blogs. You gotta love ’em.

In fact you may thinking of starting one yourself. It might be for several different reasons. But likely the big one?  It’s because you have a passion for food and you just gotta share it. Whether it’s recipes or where to dine out, it’s in your blood.

There might come a time when you start thinking about monetizing your blog, getting a little something in return for all your hard work. You probably are wondering how to do that. We have talked ourselves about it a lot on our various sites, but what about hearing it from someone who already has a food blog?

I invited my friend Shayda Torabi who, as a side gig, runs the blog Dine with Shayda. She describes her site:

Dine With Shayda is an Austin-based food and travel blog sharing my favorite places to visit, what to eat, and where to go when you get there.

Listen in as I chat about monetizing with Shayda:

We started with a conversation about what inspired Shayda to start the blog. After that, we explored WordPress a bit. Shayda has been in the space for a while, having worked at WPEngine and currently in her position as Director of Marketing for WebDevStudios. So as a user, I had to ask here what she found as the biggest frustration with WordPress.

Then we shifted into the monetization piece and I asked her to share her efforts in monetizing her site:  what has worked for her and what hasn’t.

We ended the conversation with the question of the day: of what is one of her favorite foods and what was the most bizarre thing she has ever consumed (or is she more selective with her own  eating adventures?).

Connect with Shayda:

Blog: Dine with Shayda

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