The Landscape of Digital Downloads and WordPress with Pippin Williamson
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In episode 130, we talk about a big picture view of the digital downloads space and predictions for what the future holds.

And there was no one better to bring on for this chat than Pippin Williamson, who has his finger on the pulse of the intersecting eCommerce and WordPress spaces. Pippin is known most for his Easy Digital Downloads plugin, which made creating sites to offer digital downloads easier.  So I decided we would step back and get a birds-eye view of what is going on in this space, and whether he foresees any changes in the near future. I asked him:

  • Why he stepped into the digital download space and created his own plugin
  • What tips he has for someone who is just stepping into the digital download space
  • What he thinks are major strides in this space and whether they overlap with the changes we have seen the the WordPress plugin world
  • Whether WordPress plugins in the repository will follow the easy install we are seeing in so much of the download services
  • What he sees as the largest challenges and whether some industries are facing those more than others
  • To tell us his predictions for what we might see over the next couple of years
  • What he’d like to see happen in the WordPress plugin space in the near future

Last time he was on, I asked Pippin to talk about his AffiliateWP plugin and how he created it to scratch his own itch. I wanted to know if Easy Digital Downloads happened for the same reason. From there, he shared his tips on businesses entering the digital download space and talked about how there is much overlap when it comes to online sellers who also work with physical products.

What is currently happening in the space?

As we talked more about the major strides in the space, he noted that he sees a change in the direction that WordPress plugins are going. So many plugins have add-ons that don’t use the typical WordPress plugin install.

What are the big challenges?

On the challenges, Pippin identified the global restrictions and new laws related to the internet and downloads.

Where are digital downloads going in the next year or two?

For what Pippin sees as the future of digital downloads that Pippin sees, you are just going to have to listen to the podcast.

We ended with Pippin sharing his other passion, craft beer, and his recent opening of Sandhills Brewing, a microbrewery in his hometown of Hutchinson, Kansas. We chatted a bit about his love of not only crafting beers, but opening a space where he can enjoy interacting with customers, and his team during the occasional business retreats.

You can check out Sandhills Brewing here and if you are in the area, drop by and tell him BobWP told you to come in to sip on a cold brew and say hi. You can also find him on Pippins Plugins, Sandhills Development, and his personal site,

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