Making the Transition From Affiliate Marketing to Affiliate Manager with Dustin Howes
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In episode 126, we step outside the space of online retail and take a different perspective on eCommerce  by looking at how an affiliate marketer can move into a career as an affiliate manager.

I chat with Dustin Howes, a ten-year veteran of the affiliate industry and founder of Performance Marketing Manager, a video training course that teaches the fundamentals and industry secrets of affiliate program management. I ask Dustin:

  • Have affiliate marketers regularly been making this transition or is this something relatively new?
  • What is the most challenging piece when it comes to making this move?
  • When starting, can an affiliate marketer use their industry contacts and what are some tips for making connections with the right people?
  • Is it better to find a company that is just starting an affiliate program or one that already has a proven track record?
  • What are some of the indicators for whether this is a good move professionally?

I asked Dustin if he finds this to be a common transition for affiliate marketers or is it something they often discover as a new and possibility. And does the fact that they have been an affiliate work for or against them when they move into their new position?

Next Dustin shares some ideas for starting. We look at how to both use your existing contacts and new connections with people in the industry.

The conversation then turns to the choice of find a company that is just starting their affiliate program as opposed to one that has a proven track record. Their are some red flags to look for as you pursue this opportunity, including why exactly a company is starting an affiliate program.

This episode is helpful whether you are an affiliate marketer or looking for a position as an affiliate manager. Dustin also shares more about his company, Performance Marketing Manager, and how he is serving a niche audience of people who are looking to make this transition. And if you are looking to grow your own affiliate program, Dustin can help you there as well.