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Today we end Season 2 of our podcast. For these last six months, we have been honored to have Bluehost sponsor our show and bring to you, our listeners, a wide range of eCommerce experts to help you build and grow you online eCommerce presence.

So we decided for the last show of this season to turn the tables on the podcast. This time around Devin Sears from Bluehost is interviewing me and we are talking all eCommerce.

But it doesn’t end there. Joining us were Casey Rowland, Brady Nord, Mike Hansen and Drew Wilde, all from Bluehost as well. They joined in on the conversation with their own insights and experiences.

We ended the show with an inside look at what’s new over at Bluehost.

Bluehost has done some serious work on not only the experience of setting up your WordPress site or online store, but also some major improvements in the back end to enhance the performance of your site.

So listen in. I’m sure you will enjoy it as much as we enjoyed getting together and brining you our collective thoughts on eCommerce.

We chatted about:

  • When we all built our very first website
  • The first time we bought something online
  • Times that we were super impressed by our online buying experience and why
  • What we say to someone that comes to us and asks Why is my eCommerce site so slow?
  • Our favorites when it comes to the go-to toolbox when building an eCommerce store
  • The advice we give to anyone who is considering building an eCommerce site
  • Insights about marketplaces vs. private sellers
  • What we feel is the future of eCommerce

Then I took the show back over and asked:

  • What would each of you never buy online?
  • What the heck is this new Bluehost that you tweeted about today?

Thanks to Bluehost for Sponsoring Season 2!

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