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How to Display Ads on Your WordPress Site Using Jetpack

We talk about monetizing your blog a lot here on our site. Included in your options, of course, is displaying ads in your sidebars or on your posts. There are all sorts of plugins out there for running ads. But if you want something simple and have been considering testing ads on your site as well, you might want to consider WordAds through either the Premium or Professional version of Jetpack.

Starting Out with Ads on Your WordPress Site

Before we even start, there are things to consider when you are thinking about running ads on your blog. First and foremost, you will want to strategically place them where they will cause the least distraction.

There are some blogs that just work better with ads than others. A couple of examples might be food and fashion. You need to consider your readers and what will work for them. The WordAds are targeted for your site specifically, based on geographic locations and other things, such as retargeting.

The best thing you can do is test, test test. Watch your stats. Do they fluctuate after adding advertisements? Use heatmaps and other tracking to analyze if visitors are curious enough to click on ads. These things will tell you if they are working.

Lastly, be conservative on the number of ads you display. I usually suggest no more than two well-targeted ads.

It’s Easy to Set Up WordAds on Jetpack

If you have a premium or professional subscription to Jetpack, you can easily integrate WordAds. Simply go to your Jetpack settings > traffic. Here you will have the options to activate the ads and choose placement.

Once you’ve done that, your ads will start showing up. As you can see from the settings above, here is what appears at the bottom of each of the posts. And with the kind of content we produce, it pulled in this ad for

I could also toggle the additional ad placements which would give me an ad at the top of the posts, or a second ad, side by side with the other one, at the end of posts.

If you would prefer to have the ads in your sidebar or another widget area, activating the ads gives you the Ads (Jetpack) widget, which gives you a couple of size options:

Lastly, when you activate the ad module, you will get a notice to add the Cookies and Consents widget, which would be a good idea to do so that your site complies with the EU privacy laws.

Of course, since I did this simply as a demo, I do not have any earnings, you can see your total earnings from the ads at any time.

So if you are looking at starting your blog monetization adventure, and you are already using the Jetpack plugin, it might be worth upgrading to the Premium or Professional version of Jetpack.