BigCommerce Joins the eCommerce Space in WordPress with Topher DeRosia
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In episode 132, we learn about the exciting news coming out about BigCommerce and their unique integration with WordPress. Developers and store owners alike will want to listen to this show.

I had the chance to chat with Topher DeRosia, WordPress Developer Evangelist for BigCommerce, about their newest integration with WordPress and the eCommerce space when it comes to platforms vs. WordPress plugins. I asked him:

  • What led up to the release of this plugin
  • What are the top features this brings to WordPress store owners
  • What are the advantages for store owners with a platform like BigCommerce
  • How BigCommerce stands out from the other eCommerce platforms out there
  • What specific comparisons a store owner should pay attention to when deciding between using an eCommerce platform or a single eCommerce plugin

We started with a little history. We often only hear about a plugin after it’s released. Topher gives us the backstory: what inspired the plugin in the first place.

Next he shared the features of this plugin—what it brings to the developer as well as the store owner/user. He tells us some pretty cool stuff that you will be impressed with.

Topher has been in the open-source space with WordPress and is now working with an eCommerce platform. You’ll hear his thinking on why someone would want to consider using WordPress combined with BigCommerce.

Obviously, with the emergence of this new plugin and the integration BigCommerce now has with WordPress, there is an advantage over other eCommerce plugins. We revisited that as well as what else makes BigCommerce stand out in the field of eCommerce platforms.

Lastly, for the potential customer who is wanting their store on WordPress and might have heard something about BigCommerce, I asked Topher how he would go about convincing that person that BigCommerce is the way to go.

You can follow Topher on Twitter and learn more about what BigCommerce has to offer here

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