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How to Add Recurring Payments and Subscriptions to Easy Digital Downloads


Selling services or products on a recurring basis is nothing new, but it is becoming more and more popular all the time. Especially in the download space and yearly, or monthly, licenses or access. One of my favorite eCommerce plugins makes it easy to add this to your online store.

Easy Digital Downloads Recurring Payments Extension

There are several elements to Recurring Payments Extension that you can set up to make sure you are ready when that next payment is due from your customer.

Setting Up the Recurring Download

When you are setting up your download, the fields in the Download Prices reflect all the options you have. You can choose to just have one option or, by clicking on the Enable Variable Pricing, you can create several pricing options. For each one you can choose to have it as a recurring payment and also include a signup fee (which is optional). You can enable free trial subscriptions as well.

Download Prices Recurring Payments EDD

Customer Email Reminders

You can also set a Subscription Renewal Reminder and a Subscription Expiration Reminder.

Email reminders for recurring payments in EDD

I know that as a customer I appreciate being reminded on renewals. Here you are able to control when they go out and customize your message as well. You get the same options and settings for both the Reminder and Expiration email.

Edit reminder notice in EDD

Manage Your Subscriptions

Subscriptions are easily viewed and managed.

Manage subscriptions in EDD

Subscriptions are also available to view in the customer profile.

customer profile in EDD subscriptions

All renewals are tracked in a Renewal Revenue Report.

For payment gateways, this extension works with Stripe, PayPal Standard, PayPal Express, PayPal Website Payments Pro, 2Checkout and

A couple of other nice features: you can restrict the downloads of any recurring product to your customers who have an active subscription. Also, you can set up discount codes to apply to the first payment or to all renewal payments.

It integrates with the Software Licensing extensionIt also works with the Content Restriction extension , that lets you control the access of restricted posts, pages, etc for the users that currently have an active subscription. Lastly, it works with the Custom Prices extension , which is cool if you want to offer pay what you want to your subscribers.

If you are looking for a way to add subscriptions to your downloads, the Recurring Payment Extension is your best bet for a smooth and easy integration.

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