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What’s the thought process when making the decision to purchase someone else’s WordPress premium plugin instead of building one yourself? Well, Scott shares with us his own experience of recently having acquired an already existing plugin.

If you have ever wondered  what you should consider when purchasing a WordPress plugin, learn from someone who has gone through it.

Scott DeLuzio has created several WordPress plugins that he has sold and marketed. But this time around, when he saw Pippin Williamson selling one of his plugins, the tables turned and he chose to go that route.

In a recent post on his site, he shared some insights, but I thought it would be interesting to dive into this even more. The conversation started with asking Scott if was actively seeking a plugin to purchase, or whether he made the decision when the opportunity came up?

I asked Scott if he had his own checklist of factors to consider after he encountered an opportunity to purchase the plugin. Obviously, knowing Pippin’s reputation, he felt sure that he was getting a quality plugin, but he still had a list of things he wanted to verify.

Another issue we touched on was the importance of getting what you need from the developer. This information can be based on several factors, including concerns that come up via support. I asked Scott about the wisdom of assuming that you will get that information vs confirming it will be available to you as a buyer.

I posed another question: Since was purchasing a plugin from a developer who has a very established and reputable spot in the WordPress space, was there any nervousness about being able to satisfy customer expectations?  In other words, was there a little more pressure because he purchased the plugin from Pippin?

Lastly, Scott talked about the plugin, which is called Full Screen Background Images. It’s an interesting plugin that I know, from having worked with many WordPress users over the years, makes life easier when their own theme doesn’t have this integration. You will learn more about the plugin and hear Scott answer a question about  how the plugin handles large-sized files.

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