About the Show and the Host

In case you are interested.

This podcast started in March of 2016 as the Do the Woo Podcast. It was focused on WooCommerce and WordPress. Shortly after that, it became the BobWP eCommerce Show to bring our listeners a wider spectrum of expertise from the eCommerce space within WordPress.

The rest is history as they say.

With WordPress running about 34% of the internet, it’s important to understand how eCommerce plays a role in that.

This is the reason for this podcast.

About Your Host BobWP

Without giving you a long history of my life or a boring resume, just a few quick facts.

I started as a freelance graphic designer in 1989. We started our first marketing/design business in 1993.

I started my first podcast, WPBreakdown in 2004.

My first endeavor into eCommerce was a stock photo site in 2004.

Since I started using WordPress in 2007, I have designed, taught, consulted and trained.

Now I define myself as a podcaster and blogger. Besides this podcast and this site:

BobWP Media – our main site

Blog about WooCommerce at BobWP

Talk about WooCommerce on the Do the Woo Podcast

Podcasting with WordPress – a podcast and blog