2020 on the WP eCommerce Show
WP eCommerce Show

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In episode 164 I chat a bit about the coming year on this show.

First off, I would like to send a huge thank-you to all my sponsors and everyone who has tuned into The WP eCommerce Show since March of 2016. This is my longest running podcast and I am excited to see how things unfold in 2020.

The format will be unchanged: conversational-style interviews with a broad range of bright minds on topics covering the broader spectrum of WordPress in the eCommerce space.

The Do the Woo Podcast

As you may or may not know, our other eCommerce podcast, the WooCommerce-focused Do the Woo Show, is expanding in 2020. The podcast itself will remain the same: conversation that totally focuses on WooCommerce. Each week my co-host and I talk with someone in the WooCommerce community.

And though we have always touched on news around WooCommerce, that is now being expanded to the entire site. So BobWP.com becomes, Do the Woo on BobWP.com. The focus: WooCommerce Community and News.

So if you are a WooCommerce fan, I would suggest you definitely head on over to BobWP.com and check it out.