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What is a Developer Influencer with Tessa Kriesel

October 29, 2019

chat about: What makes a developer influencer Campaigns and what they might look like How to grow as a developer influencer What social platform is best for developers The importance of authenticity The term influencer brings to mind many things. There is always a lot of talk around it. But I ask Tessa what make a developer influencer different. Tess shares this unique approach and gives us some great examples of campaigns and that makes it easier to understand. She also shares tips on what a developer can do now to make themselves a potential influencer. We look at the mistakes companies make when starting to bring in influenceRs and how they can avoid them. Tessa gives us what she has found to be the better social platform for developers as well. This just touches the tip of the iceberg as Tessa dives into this much deeper and we go off in several different directions to encapsulate exactly what a developer influencer means to potential companies out there. It’s far from the celebrity influencers we have become so tired of. If you are a developer looking at expanding your brand and authority, this is a must-listen to show.

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